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The Williams Soccer Academy was formally established in 2018 in Windsor, Connecticut. The Academy originally consisted of yearly inexpensive high-quality soccer camps organized and led by Kevin R. Williams in Windsor, Connecticut. The camps began in the summer of 2015 and have been running on a yearly basis since.


As parents and players began to voice their satisfaction with the way Coach Williams related to the children, the quality of soccer he provided, and the knowledge and passion he brought to the field, the demand for training beyond the camps continued to grow. As a result, Coach Williams began to connect with local fathers who shared in his vision of providing good quality inexpensive soccer training for children of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.


In late 2017 Kevin R. Williams and Arturo A. Hernandez began to discuss and plan the creation of the Williams Soccer Academy, which came to fruition in February of 2018. Together, Kevin R. Williams and Arturo A. Hernandez brought in Jason J. Allan to help promote the mission and vision of the Academy through the use of social media and other technologies.

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