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Lil' Ballers

Lil' Ballers is a foundations program designed for boys and girls ages 3-5 years old. This program focuses on teaching your children the individual fundamentals that are the building blocks for continued technical development as they continue to grow and develop.
The training consists of one 1 hour session per week for 6 weeks which incorporates two very important aspects:
Fitness and Fundamentals:
Fitness involves the development of coordination, footwork, and agility, done in a way that is both fun and exciting for your kids.
In Fundamentals, we work with your children on developing the fundamentals skills required to play the game of soccer, such as ball control ie. proper dribbling of the ball, stopping the ball, moving with and without the ball, shooting, technically sound passing of the ball, and other soccer skills.
Lessons and skills will be introduced with fun games that kids will enjoy as they learn the important fundamentals of soccer.
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