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Winter Session: Futsal

Futsal is a version of soccer played on hard surfaces such as hardwood or cement courts. Futsal is typically played indoor, and features a heavier ball than a soccer ball. Since Futsal is played on a smaller surface area than a soccer pitch, the game format is 5 versus 5 (4 "field players" and one goal keeper). Given this format, the game is a faster paced game than soccer, and forces all players to be involved in the game (no hiding on the field). Players get more touches on the ball and more opportunities to make plays and score the ball. Since the game is faster and the playing area smaller, possession and control of the ball is extremely important. This fosters the retention of the ball through the development of ball control and foot skills. This helps players develop skills needed to keep possession and maneuver through tight spaces. Futsal also allows for the development of quick decision-making skills, and 1 on 1 skills needed to get past defenders. 

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